Rockfish Valley Trail 1/19/10

I walked about 4 miles on the RV Trail, and then met up with Walt&Nancy Childs and Ed&Nancy Lawler from the Augusta County Bird Club and did another couple of miles showing them the trail. They really liked what they saw, and were discussing bringing the Augusta club to the RV Trail for a hike this year. Ed later gave me a call and invited me to give a presentation on the birds of the Wintergreen area at their April 12, 2010 meeting in Fishersville, VA.

I saw/heard 21 species this morning on the RV Trail: Sparrows (Song, Field, White-throated, Chipping), Downy and Pileated Woodpeckers, America Goldfinches and House Finches, lots of Cedar Waxwings, Starlings, Crows, T&B Vultures, Tufted Titmouse, Kingfisher, Robins, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Blue Jays, Cardinal, Bluebirds, and Dark-eyed Juncos.

Although none of these species are that exciting, the Chipping Sparrow is supposedly rare here in the winter, although I see them on the RV Trail almost every time I have been there this winter, and I got one of my best-ever Cedar Waxwings photos. Also attached is a photo of a Bluebird that I took yesterday here in Stoney Creek that I thought you might enjoy.

Chipping Sparrow

Cedar Waxwing

Eastern Bluebird

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