Rockfish Valley Trail 8/2/10

Not too much to report from the trail this morning. Got to the main trailhead kiosk at 8:45 and went downstream to the bog area. The sky was overcast with moderate fog. By 9:15 I had logged 13 species, but it started to light mist/drizzle, so I covered my camera and headed back to my car. There wasn't a lot of bird activity this morning compared to last week.

Of interest were juvenile Red-winged Blackbirds that were starting to get their adult colors, and all of the Barn Swallows that I saw were molting, showing white feather patterns on their backs.

The weather forecast for all of the week is similar to today, so bummers for birding this week unless the forecast changes.

Barn Swallow

juvenile Red-winged Blackbird

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