Stoney Creek (Wintergreen) 3/30/2011

It was very dark and overcast this morning, but I decided to check out a few of the Stoney Creek lakes and ponds for migrating waterfowl, as the forecast is for rain/snow for almost every day for a week! Not too much on the ponds - only a few Canada Geese, but as I was walking from Sawmill Creek pond # 3 to # 6 along Deer Run, I heard what I thought was a high pitched grunt of a squirrel. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw two hawk-sized birds, but when I looked up I only saw one - it was an adult Cooper's Hawk.

Cooper's Hawk

After not seeing anything on pond # 6, I started to walk back, once again heard the grunts, and looked up to see a brown backed hawk flying away from me. Probably a juvenile Cooper's Hawk separated from the adult. I saw it flying in the pine trees a few times, but it started to sleet, so I headed back to my car. After listening to the harsh call notes of a Cooper's Hawk on some of my apps, I am sure that's what I was hearing.

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