St. Louis, MO 4/24-27/12

All photos are Marshall Faintich

Although it was a family trip and not a birding trip, I did see a few interesting birds while in the greater St. Louis area. At the St. Louis Zoo, there were Red-winged Blackbirds, House Sparrows, Northern Cardinals, and American Robins. At the Forest Park boat house, I saw Mallards, House Sparrows, and a Great Egret.

House Sparrow

Female Red-winged Blackbird

Great Egret

A hike through Queeny Park did not yield many birds, but we did see an interesting box turtle.

Three-toed Box Turtle

I had about 45 minutes to spare, and we were staying not too far from the Big Muddy WMR near the Missouri River, so I head over there. There was a good sized flock of Red-winged Blackbirds and Cowbirds, a pair of Great Blue Herons, three Great Egrets, a Killdeer, and some Barn Swallows. Although the Eastern Bluebird is the state bird of Missouri, I think that the one I saw there was the first one I had ever seen in Missouri, even though I lived there for 50 years!

Great Blue Heron

Great Egrets


Red-winged Blackbirds and Cowbirds

Barn Swallow

Eastern Bluebird

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