Central Virginia 8/25/2020

All photos are © Marshall Faintich

August 25th is the usual start date for fall warbler migration here in central Virginia. Unfortunately, no one told the warblers!

Blue Ridge Parkway/Route 610

When I got up to the parkway this morning, there was bright sunshine, but also quite a bit of wind. I got onto Route 610, and had 16 avian species at the old tower. But the only warbler there was a heard-only Cerulean.

Photo Unavailable
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

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Downy Woodpecker

Photo Unavailable
Tufted Titmouse

Photo Unavailable
Indigo Bunting

Photo Unavailable
Red-eyed Vireo

Photo Unavailable
Broad-winged Hawk

I continued south on 610, heard the Great Crested Flycatcher I have been seeing for the past few days, and then got back onto the parkway. I had already decided to turn around at the Humpback Rocks picnic area (mm. 8), as there was road construction down at Hickory Springs. But they were moving the road shoulders between mm. 5 and mm. 8, and there were very few birds. I added an Eastern Phoebe and Dark-eyed Junco at the picninc area, giving me 19 avian species so far this morning. I re-traced my route, but didn't add any new species. It was still late morning, so I decided to bear the heat and humidty at lower elevations, and try Ridgeview Park in nearby Waynesboro. I hadn't been there since late spring.

Ridgeview Park

The park was fairly quiet, and I added only 8 common species to my day list.

Photo Unavailable
Immature Northern Cardinal

Photo Unavailable
Immature Northern Cardinal and immature American Robin

And now, the quiz. I heard a loud, fairly high pitched honking call coming from one of the trees, and didn't have a clue what bird species it was. I recorded the call. Here it is, and then you can scroll down to see what it was.

Click here to hear the mystery bird call recording.

Photo Unavailable
Immature Blue Jay

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