1745/3 LIMA Half Crown

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The only two known 1745/3 British half crowns minted from captured Spanish silver (LIMA variety) are shown here. Both coins have the identical reverse die, but different obverse dies. The two obverse dies can be distinguished by the space between the last "A" in the obverse legend and the curls of the bust of George II. In addition, on the example shown, there is a long die crack above "GRATIA" on die B.

1745/3 LIMA Half Crown (Die A)

Detail of 1745/3

1745/3 LIMA Half Crown (Die B)

Detail of 1745/3

Obverse Differences

Die A

Die B

A complete history of the discovery of these two coins can be found in the June 1993 "Spink Numismatic Circular," pp.156-157, or in the July, 1993 issue of the "Missouri Journal of Numismatics."

The Die B 1745/3 LIMA halfcrown and the 1745/5 variety shown below were sold in the March 27, 2003 Spink auction. The Die A 1745/3 LIMA halfcrown was purchased by Spink and offered for sale in their numismatic circular.

1745/5 Reverse