Stoney Creek (Wintergreen) 1/11/10

I went outside to get the mail, and saw a stream of birds flying east to west in a loose flock - they just kept coming and coming and coming - wave after wave - went inside to get my binoculars, and they were still streaming when I got back outside - a few rested momentarily high up in the tree tops, and I am fairly sure they were American Robins - it is overcast and I was getting mostly a silhouette view.

There were easily 300-500 birds that I saw, perhaps more, and I did not see the beginning of the stream. I have seen 30 to 50 Robins in a flock before, but never anything like this. I am sure that they were not Starlings - I have seen large numbers of Starlings in flight - they always are in a tight flock and swarm back and forth. The birds I saw today were all going in the same straight line - reminded me of Broad-winged Hawks leaving a kettle.

Has anyone ever seen such a large flock of Robins??

[For the next few weeks, large flocks of Robins were seen everywhere in Nelson County]

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