Stoney Creek (Wintergreen) 3/11/10

Went out for about an hour late this morning in advance of the forecasted heavy rains starting this afternoon through Sunday morning. Spring must be returning, as there were a number of Red-winged Blackbirds around Lake Monocan, and even an Eastern Towhee was out and singing away in a tree. The local juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk was raising a racket, and the crows weren't too happy about it.

juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk

Eastern Towhee

Went over to the small pond near the Rodes Farm pool, and a flock of some of the many area Robins were there. A first year Yellow-bellied Sapsucker did not mind my getting close. And some Eastern Painted turtles were playing follow-the-leader.

American Robin

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Eastern Painted turtles

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