Mint Springs Park (Crozet, VA) 5/21/11

All photos are Marshall Faintich

I tried once again to find the Mourning Warbler that has been seen at Mint Springs Park - arrived about 9:00 and stayed until 10:30. I did not see any warblers, but may have heard a few. The tree leaves were so dense that I could hear birds, but unless they were moving, I could not find them. I started off on the Fire Trail, and all I saw were a couple of Ravens, a Cardinal, and an Indigo Bunting. However, just after the Fire Trail levels off, I think that I heard a couple of different warblers, and caught quick glimpses of a few birds but could not identify them.

The following two audio files are from two different birds that I heard on the Fire Trail. They sounded somewhat different in the field, but after clipping the audio files, equalizing the volumes, and getting rid of most of the static, they sound about the same to me. The first audio clip has the first bird singing twice, and the second audio clip has only one brief song from the second bird that was not too far away from the first one. If anyone can identify these birds from their songs, please let me know.

First bird - 2 songs

Second bird - 1 song

Near the parking lot I saw Bluebirds, Chipping Sparrows, an Eastern Phoebe, Red-winged Blackbirds, and heard an Eastern Wood-Pewee.

I played some golf here in Stoney Creek this afternoon, and after seeing (but not having a camera with me) a rattlesnake and a mountain lion while playing golf in previous years, I now carry a small camera in my golf bag. It came in handy today, as I was able to get a photo of an Eastern Gartersnake.

Eastern Gartersnake

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