Waynesboro, VA, 4/19/16

All photos are Marshall Faintich

It was another very hot day for April. I went to Ridgeview Park in Waynesboro for a morning hike. It was quite "birdy" there, but the only warblers I saw were winter resident, Yellow-rumper Warblers. I saw 21 species there, and added 4 more on a short walk along the river trail in Waynesboro.

Northern Cardinal

House Finch

Eastern Towhee

Yellow-rumper Warbler

Yellow-rumper Warbler

One of the Yellow-rumped Warblers had some yellow on its throat, suggesting a Myrtle x Audubon's intergrade Yellow-rumped Warbler, but Virginia is far from the North American intergrade zone, so I suspect the yellow was either pollen or reflection off of leaves. Note that its belly also looks a bit yellow.

Yellow-rumper Warbler


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