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Wildlife Photo Pages last completed update: 24 January 2023

During peak obervation periods (spring and autumnal migration; trips; etc.), photos for these pages may back up until I have time to post them here. These postings are done over a few weeks; therefore, some photos shown on these pages may be newer than the last completed update.

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North American Wildlife



Reptiles, Mullosks,
and Amphibians


North American wildlife includes species found in the United States (excluding Hawaii) and Canada, and in nearby waters, that are breeding species, regular visitors, and casual and accidental species from other regions that are believed to have strayed here without direct human aid, and well-established introduced species that are now part of our fauna. In addition, as an identification aid, I have included photos of these species even if the photos were taken outside of the North American area.

Global Wildlife Photos from Outside of North America

Ecuador mainland

Galápagos Islands



New Zealand

England and Scotland

North Atlantic Ocean

Lesser Antilles

Yucatan Atlantic Coast

Greater Flamingo
Bonaire, Feb 1998

Brown Pelican
BVI, Apr 2005

Laughing Gulls
BVI, Apr 2005

Black Stork
Spain, Sep 2004