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Aquitaine Coins of Edward I/II

New coin find combined with astronomical symbols sheds light on coinage sequence mystery - new hypothesis developed by this author and Steve Ford

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Coins of the Beauvais Hoard

An interesting hoard of coins related to the English anarchy is known as the "Beauvais" hoard because some of the European coins found in the hoard are from the French abbey located in Beauvais. The actual location where the hoard was found is unknown, but the site has been attributed by several sources to an area in or near Paris. The research contained here was undertaken to try to answer two questions: how/why was this hoard accumulated, and how did it end up in or near Paris?

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Research Conducted with regard to Some Rare Coins

A few rare, unusual, and/or unique coins are presented

Anglo-Saxon dagger (comet?) type of Cnut

1745/3 English LIMA Halfcrown

Aquitaine (Elias 20bis)

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