Egrets, Snake, and Gulls

Marco Island, Florida

January 9, 2014

All photos are Marshall Faintich

My first trip to Marco Island this year was quite a treat. As soon as I stepped off the boardwalk leading to Tigertail Beach, I saw a Snowy Egret carrying a snake in its bill. The Snowy Egret was being followed by a Great Egret that presumably wanted to extract the snake for its own meal.

But the Snowy Egret picked up its pace, extended its distance from the Great Egret, and it looked like the Snowy Egret would keep its meal.

But then a Laughing Gull saw the snake and headed for the Snowy Egret. The egret kept turning away from the gull, but the gull would not leave the egret alone.

And then a second Laughing Gull showed up, and both of them were giving the Snowy Egret a fit as it tried to hold onto the snake.

Finally, the Snowy Egret gave up as a third gull appeared, dropped the snake, and the gulls battled over who would get the spoils.

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